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Sisters Fruit Company

YUMMY! Sisters fruit company has found a way to use whole fruits to make easy ‘on the go’ snacks. We are all busy people, so who doesn’t love healthy snacks you can grab when you’re in a rush?! Each fruit is freshly sliced and dried with their all-natural process. These fruit chips are gluten-free, fat-free, and have no preservatives! AND get this, there are only 230 calories for a WHOLE BAG!

These fruit chips are made with a touch of pure cane sugar, so it is VERY VERY sweet. If you have a big sweet tooth (like me) then you will love this snack. However, if you like more salty foods then this snack may not be for you.

I put these chips in my Greek yogurt and my oatmeal for breakfast to give it an extra sweet touch. Another way to glam up these chips, is to use them as a base for party appetizers! Add a little meat and your favorite spread on top and you’re ready to serve. You could even bring them on a hike with you for an extra energy boost to get up the mountain. Throw them in your water or fruit drink to add some extra flavor. Or, fill them into a basket this fall with other items to give as a gift.

There is a variety of flavors offered for these chips, you’re bound to find your favorite fruit! In fact, they just came out with Cinnamon Apple chips that I am dying to try with some pumpkin bread! This family owned company is ready for fall. Side note, their Apple harvest tote bags are on sale right now and they are so cute! They are perfect for going fruit picking this fall with your best friend or significant other!

Sisters fruit company believes in giving back to the community. They have partnered with local organizations in Oregon such as Passport Oregon, Beaverton Education Foundation, Store to Door, Run like a Girl, Solve, Run and Walk for Sight, and many more!

Check out Sisters Fruit company here! I hope y'all enjoy them as much as I did. If you want more recipe ideas, contact me!


Amber ♡


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