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Saluti! (It means "Cheers" in Italian) It's been a while since my trip to Italy, and I think it's time to brush up on my Italian! BUT, I thought that was appropriate to introduce these new Italian hard sodas I’ve been loving recently called Bravazzi! They’re inspired by gourmet Italian soda and come in a variety of different flavors! Bravazzi is naturally sweetened with cane sugar and blended with real fruit juice. So, for all of you who are gluten-free, it’s perfect for you!

Bravazzi comes in four different flavors: Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Lemon, and Clementine. My favorite by far, is the blood orange! I love the intensity that this flavor has while still being zesty. Luckily, you can buy them in a variety pack so you can try them all like I did! YUM!

Bravazzi also has a store locator where you can find where to purchase, and it does it all for you. You simply go to their website, click “Buy Bravazzi”, enter in your address, and that’s it! (I also heard from a little fly on the wall that they’re at Harris Teeter and Total Wine). Super convenient and affordable for my college peeps! You can also buy single cans if you’d rather just try it out first… But to get more bang for your buck I suggest getting the variety pack. Trust me, you’ll wish ya did!

Throughout college, I did not crack open a single beer. It was just not my type of refreshment and I had zero interest in it… not even hard cider! But Bravazzi is totally unlike anything I have ever tasted. It reminds me more of like a wine cooler just without the sugar overload!

With summer right around the corner, I am SO happy I found these y’all. I was never able to find a drink that I enjoyed having while at the beach or pool, but I finally have! You can pack these up in a cooler and take it to the beach or throw it in a tub of ice for fourth of July with the fam! I always love a fruity and fizzy essence when I’m chilling out on the sand or barbecuing outside. Bring them for the whole crew and y’all try them together, it’s the perfect celebration additive lol!

Bravazzi is going to be the best conversation starter at the Miller household this summer! I can’t wait to experiment with different recipes and show everyone what Bravazzi is all about. So pop open that can and smell the zesty aroma… Bravazzi is here to stay y’all ;)

Addio Per Ora!

XOXO - Amber

In Partnership with: Bravazzi

Bravazzi should only be consumed if 21+ years old.

By Accessing the Bravazzi site, you affirm that you are over the age of 21



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