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DRINKMATE: make any drink carbonated with fizz infuser technology!

Y'all know I am a MAJOR sucker for anything carbonated! So, investing in a Drinkmate was such a game changer for me. It is the world's 1st at home machine that can carbonate any drink (water, juice, coffee, wine, cocktails, etc.) with patented fizz infuser technology! Shop DrinkMate products HERE in my blog to receive FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50!

I ordered the Drinkmate "Special Bundle" which includes: Drinkmate sparkling beverage maker, 1 60L Co2 cylinder, 1L BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle, + an extra bottle! They have a variety of bundles available to chose from on their website + a 2 year warranty for all. Or, you can always purchase the products separately!

They have 6 unique flavors of yummy Italian syrups that are low in calorie, low in sugar, and made with natural flavors. Next on my list to try of these syrups are: Blood Orange, Sorrento Lemonade, and Mojito Mocktail premium. Be the hostess with the mostest for your summertime pol days/get togethers and whip up flavorful slushies, smoothies, and cocktails.

Drinkmate cylinders come filled with food grade Co2, and are made of durable aluminum to US DOT standards! They also have a convenient and effective Co2 exchange opportunity so you can easily return and order your cylinders. You're also able to send back your used containers to save on bubbles and #recycle :)

Drinkmate has four options to chose from: royal red, classic white, matte black, and arctic blue - their newest launch. I have the matte black finish and I am obsessed with how classy it looks in my kitchen! Their products are so elegant and appliances are available in several different styles to best fit your home.


I am not exactly the most mechanically inclined person in the universe (wink wink), but the Drinkmate was simple to put together -- I had in up and running in just 5 minutes!

  1. Unpackage the box and identify each piece

  2. Place the Co2 cylinder in the back compartment of the beverage maker

  3. Pour beverage of choice into the bottle, and hook it onto the beverage maker

  4. Lightly push down on the button at the top of the beverage maker (1-3 seconds)

  5. Remove bottle and lift lever to release pressure to unscrew and ENJOY!

If you're looking to dive into new Drinkmate recipes for cocktails, mocktails, or flavor infused drinks, they have a variety of options on their website such as: Classic Peach Tea, Lemon Highball, Apple Cider Bellini, Homemade Orange Soda, and so much more.

I love a brand with credibility, and Drinkmate has been featured on several popular PR and TV shows such as: The Today Show, The Wall Street Journal, Rachael Ray, New York Post, Entrepreneur, eHow, and so many more!

Drinkmate is simply reinventing the beverage world! My favorite part about it is how creative I can be with it! I love trying new ideas, recipes, and flavored drinks to see what I can come up with. You can even control just how much carbonation you want in your drink. Not to mention how eco-friendly it is by cutting down on the usage of cans, glass, and plastic bottles. Drinkmate is also available in a few retail stores, click HERE to see if there is a location near you that carries it. Drinkmate is the leading brand worldwide of at-home soda makers! Shop DrinkMate products HERE in my blog to receive FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50! Check it out today if you are a carbonated lover like myself!

Now, back to drink making ;)


- Amber


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