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Good Morning summer Goddesses (& Gods)! Spoiler alert, it’s no longer summer and self tanners are BACK IN to keep your summer glow last as long as humanly possible (lol).

I am always getting questions about how I keep my tan throughout the winter, and aside from Sundays tan salon and spa, I like to apply self tanner from The Golden Standard for a quick and fast way to give me a nice glow when I don’t have time or in a rush for an event.

Since fall is here, I wanted to share with you all to get your minds thinking about looking golden all year around. Their story is pretty awesome. Just two girls who wanted an easy, affordable, and healthy tan. Sounds like every girl, right? They spent quite some time working with experts to determine the best tanning solution for other girls that were just like them. Someone who wants to apply from home on days that they are in need of some bronze, something that is easy to apply on your own, and a healthy solution for your skin.

The Golden Standard has several products for you to chose from! Each one has a detailed description so you will be able to decide what is best for you. If you go to their website and click on the “how it works” button, they have a tutorial video showing you how to effectively apply your tan. The Sunless Butter Blend is the perfect moisturizer and will not dry your skin out after applying. Some other products that I enjoy using are the face mist, barrier cream, and the body foam! Their motto "Roll, Blend, Go" originated from their roll on brush (looks like one of those big foam paint brushes lol) that is convenient for at home use and getting the tough areas that you can't always reach with your hand! You can also purchase a blending brush so you don't have to worry about the serum being splotchy and collecting -- that just looks ratch!

Now from my point of view, I love a good bronze look on my skin. During the summertime, I naturally catch a lot of rays just from working out outside, going to the beach, outlet mall, taking photos (shocker lol). I love being outside when the weather is nice and I have had to train myself to always be aware of the sun. Winter is a bit of a struggle though. I loved using The Golden Standard this past winter/early spring and I can’t wait to use it again this chilly season! I hope you all get a chance to check these two boss babes out, they are killing the TAN game!

You can find their website here! The products come in kit form so you get all of the necessary products all at once.


- Amber

*This post in sponsored by The Golden Standard


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