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Sdara Skincare

Nothing better than showing your skin some care, ain't that the truth?! Believe it or not, we are all aging.... even though we still feel young in our 20's. Our skin is being exposed to so many things that are causing it to age. Don't we wish that getting "older and wiser" didn't come with wrinkles and fine lines? Yeah... same lol. I am 23 years young and I already have wrinkles and spots that I simply don't like and cover up every second that I can. It's human nature... we just have to learn how to better take care of ourselves and treat our skin right!

If you ask any of my close friends or family, they can tell you that I used to do absolutely nothing to care for my skin. If anything, I did the complete opposite. I never wore sunscreen, I never had a "skincare" ritual every morning and night, never went to get facials, I did nothing. I thought I was going to look this young forever. I was wrong, and mistreated my skin so poorly to the point where I now have Melasma (nothing serious, just discolored patches on my skin that you may notice in my bare face insta stories) that could have been avoided if I treated my skin right.

Now, I am not here to tell you about this golden ticket that will make you look 16 when you're 40 (although, that would be very nice) however we can all do WAY more than we are already doing. I was always skeptical about trying different skincare products because 1. I have sensitive skin and 2. You just never know every little ingredient that is in them.. but I decided to give it a shot!

This month, I partnered with Sdara Skincare to dip my toes into some anti-aging tactics to try out for you all. They introduced me to micro-needling and LET ME TELL YOU it is a dream! It doesn't always feel the greatest, but after adding the moisturizer/Vitamin C serum, you feel completely rejuvenated! It exfoliates dead skin cells to make you glow and allow the serum to be absorbed more efficiently. This roller also improves the appearance of acne scares and hyper-pigmentation.

The next product I tried was the eye gel mask! It soothes the areas around your eye and promotes brighter, plumper, and more youthful looking skin. A few more benefits include collagen production, skin firming, snow mushroom to restore natural moisture, and much more. Sdara also carries other skincare products such as collagen peptides, marine collagen, rose quartz roller, and serums that can all be purchased together or separately. They have a series of "how to" videos up on their website if you're like me and need someone to walk you through every step! As for your pockets happiness, the products are SO AFFORDABLE!

A huge thank you to Sdara Skincare for helping me develop a plan that promotes anti-aging and motivating me to take my health more seriously! If you have any questions about their product, feel free to shoot me a message on instagram or to their business account.

Everyone needs a simple and consistent skincare routine with high quality products that you LOVE! Check out Sdara Skincare to figure out the best plan for you and your skin!

Love you all, have a happy and healthy week!

XOXO - Amber


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