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Better Beauty, Better YOU!

A few weeks ago, I received a package from my dear friend, Jes Bailey, that is a consultant from Beautycounter. I had heard of the “safety” aspect of Beautycounter but never quite understood. I was never the type of girl to use a lot of skin care products other than face wash and occasional lotion if I needed it. Now…. make up is a different story. I’m ALL about that make up life. Jes wanted me to try out her products, and of course a make-up queen like me could never pass up beauty products!

In my package I received so many goodies (along with a giveaway for y’all, so stay tuned till the end). I fell in love with all of the products… but a few of my absolute favorites were the charcoal mask, lip conditioner, the glow shimmer oil and the lip gloss. The charcoal mask was exactly what I needed to deep clean my skin and remove the excess oil and impurities. I struggle with remembering to moisturize my lips, so the lip conditioner was perfect. It is created with avocado oil, shea butter, and meadow foam seed oil. I am simply obsessed with the glow shimmer oil and how it brought out the pigment in my skin. And lastly, the lip gloss…. I typically wear dark and matte lipsticks, but adding this gloss gave me a more natural sheer look. My favorite part of the lip gloss, IT’S NOT STICKY!! If you have any questions about the products you are looking to try, I would love to offer my advice!

So for those of you who were just as lost as I was with what Beautycounter is, here is a little bit of food for thought from the founder of Beauty Counter: “Beautycounter” is not referring to another department store selling makeup and care products, it means COUNTERING the beauty industry and its lack of regulation (the last law passed by congress regarding the beauty industry was in 1938… have I grasped your attention yet ladies?). Beautycounter refuses to formulate with ingredients that are even potentially harmful to our bodies. It only takes 26 seconds for chemicals in your care products to reach your blood stream… scary huh? Let’s make sure they’re the right ones. They do this with their mission in mind, which is to get safer products into the hands of everyone.

To purchase some Beautycounter products of your own, use my link:

I had so much fun learning about the products, trying them out and sharing it with you all. If you make a purchase from my link between now and October 24th, you will be entered to win $10 off your next purchase. At checkout, make sure you are attached to “Amber’s better beauty blog” to gain entry.

Good Luck my beautiful people!



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