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Yes we all know, cardio can be boring.... NOT ANYMORE FRIENDS!

Yeah, no... don't put me down for cardio 👟🎀

If you're anything like me, cardio can get boring... VERY BORING. In order to keep cardio in my workout plan, I've had to change it up a bit!

Cycling/Spin class

My aunt recently opened up a cycling studio in my hometown, Chesapeake VA. I went some at Virginia Tech, but at Rhythm Cycling it was an experience like no other. Check out their website:

Spin classes are a great way to burn calories and relieve stress. Of course it depends on the intensity of the person biking, but for some classes you can burn up to 500 calories.... THATS INSANE! Cycling takes the pain off of your knees/ankles and reduces risk of injury. There is typically an instructor leading you for these classes that will motivate you to keep pushing. Being able to adjust the bike to your level and go at your own pace makes spin class manageable for all ages (yes moms, you heard me). The best part, the spunky music and neon lights distract you from the fact that you are actually working out. So, lets get ridin' y'all! #cycling #spinclass #rhythmcycling


What did Cinderella wear on her feet when she went swimming?

GLASS FLIPPERS! .... okay I'm kidding. If you're looking to burn fat, swimming will be your new best friend. Swimming gives you a full body workout and is praised for its numerous health benefits. Benefits such as low impact, increase muscle definition, builds bone mass, reduce inflammation, improve exercise-induced asthma, and it lowers stress and depression. You can't go wrong with using swimming as your cardio!


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