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Zahler, for real?

Hey y'all! I hope you're as determined to have a good week as I am! With Drew being gone, it's been hard to adjust ... BUT it's getting better (well, somedays) and I promised myself this week is going to be the best yet!

I wanted to share something I have recently been taking that has made ALL the difference in my overall wellbeing -- my new multivitamin from Advanced Nutrition by Zahler! Including all that a regular multivitamin has, included is 5 servings of fruits/veggies and additional nutrients such as Lycopene and Keratin to support skin, hair & nail health! So for all of you who take a multivitamin and biotin, you get that all in one capsule with "Real Beauty." This vitamin is called "real" because it contains powerful direct nutrition that is delivered by the foods we eat. It also publishes an ideal complex of synergy extracts that support cell health. The ingredient label can be found here!

If I am being honest, I NEVER took a multivitamin until now. I never thought I needed one until my doctor told me how important it was, so I looked into it and found Zahler and my energy level and overall being feels SO much better! For 90 capsules, it is only $30 on Amazon! That is so affordable compared to most vitamins and the others don't have nearly the amount that this particular vitamin has to offer! After a week of taking these vitamins, I no longer feel lethargic getting out of bed, I have lasting energy, my hair and nails do not feel as brittle, and my mental focus is on POINT!

Advanced Nutrition by Zahler offers several other supplements as well, such as childrens, immune support, digestive, mens, pick me up, mind & spirit, advanced, bone & joint, and many more! I love their options and ow you can pick a supplement that works best for you!

For all of my ladies looking for a multivitamin, check into Zahler! The "real beauty" is perfect for women and there is no bad after taste! Just sit the bottle by your coffee/tea every morning and you're good to go! If you have any questions, feel free to message me via Instagram!

Now let's crush this week y'all!

XOXO -Amber

This post is sponsored by Advanced Nutrition by Zahler

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Chelsea Adams
Chelsea Adams
Oct 07, 2019

Always looking for new multivitams! I just take the women’s OAD but this sounds perfect!

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