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What I eat in a day!

Hi y'all! Before I go too far into this blog post I want to fully make everyone aware that what I eat in a day is what I have found to best work for me personally. Every single person is different, every body is different, and we can all do something to make our everyday choices better for ourselves and our body. NO ONE is perfect, everyone has room for improvement, but it is essential to know your body and understand what works for one person may not work for you as well... and that is OKAY! That is what makes us unique and special. Okay enough of that, here is what I (generally) eat in a day:

Fun fact about me: I only eat one full meal a day. Other than that, I eat every 2-3 hours with smaller portions! It works for me, it’s what my body is used to.


For breakfast, almost always I’ll have some type of protein bar. My favorite right now is the Special K strawberry protein meal bars. My dad says they taste like cardboard, but I absolutely love them. I’ll eat any type of bar though, it’s my go to with a cup of coffee (now that, I never miss hehe).

Before I workout, I’ll drink my strike force energy as my pre-workout! It has just as much caffeine as a grande cup of coffee, ZERO calories, ZERO sugar, and more electrolytes than a Gatorade. Strike force is my go to beverage enhancer (code: ”AMBER20” if ordering from their website). My water intake goal is about 70 oz a day! Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids, and I don’t mean soda or overloads of sugary drinks. Just plain water!

When I get back from the gym I make my protein shake that I showed you on my Instagram story. It’s half of the premier protein vanilla shake, some ice, and half of a banana. Blend that up and it tastes like a banana milkshake!

I get up pretty early, usually 5am during the week so by 10 or so after my workout and all, I am ready for a mid morning snack. I love hard boiled eggs (2 of them) or scrambled with some cheese!

By the time 1pm comes around I’m STARVING! My go to in the afternoon may sound a little weird but don’t knock it till ya try it. Anyone who knew me in college knows exactly what I’m going to say haha. Cinnamon & spice oatmeal with peach greek yogurt — MIXED TOGETHER! It is so good and tastes exactly like peach cobbler. One of our nutritionist assigned to the cheering team my freshman year showed me this concoction and I’ve been hooked ever since. I even sprinkle a little bit of extra cinnamon on top. Some other mid day snacks I like to go to is tunafish on ritz crackers, turkey and cheese rolled up without the bread (yes just straight turkey and cheese lol), or a a small salad with chicken and low fat dressing.

Around 3-4pm I’m usually gravitating back to the kitchen lol. I’ll usually grab a piece of fruit or stare at the chips in the pantry until I convince myself to just wait until dinner haha. Literally happens everyday, no shame.

Dinner time:

This is where I will actually sit down with my family and eat a meal. But unless it’s one of my absolute favorite things, I follow my one serving carb rule. Once I have a serving of the card on my plate, if I’m still hungry then my second plate has to consist of the meat and/or vegetable. This will really prove to you if you are still hungry or not. It’s been working for me! Here are some dishes we will usually make:

- Honey mustard grilled chicken, twice baked mashed potatoes, fresh broccoli with sprinkled cheese.

- Rotisserie chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans

- Fajitas- steak and chicken, red and green bell peppers, onions, on whole grain tortillas with some sour cream

- Fish, rice, and asparagus

I generally keep the portion sizes for each serving no larger than the size of my palm! If you want more information on these recipes, reach out to me! I will be happy to share!

We try to change it up all the time! After dinner, I do my absolute best not to eat again before bed. It really interrupts your sleep if your body is still digesting overnight. My rule of thumb throughout the day is to eat until my body is satisfied (NOT COMPLETELY FULL). Then for dinner, I will eat until I’m starting to feel the “fullness” coming on. Our bodies don’t need to be completely full after every meal. If I’m full, I’m lethargic, don’t have much energy to do anything, and therefore won’t get anything done.

My BIGGEST weakness is sweets though y'all. I am a sucker for some ice cream.... it is important to treat your body. However, do not mistake a treat for an everyday indulgence. Just be smart, stay motivated and think about your long term goals with your health and wellness.

This blog post is what I eat on a normal work day. However, obviously life happens and not everyday is the same. So when I am traveling, have an event, or anything out of the ordinary, my eating plan for the day changes. Best rule of thumb is to listen to your body, treat it well, and it will treat YOU well too!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day! Hope you all are enjoying this Monday. I had to say goodbye to Drew today for a much longer time than we are used to, but I am staying positive about it! Let me know what you think about my weekly blog posts so far and if you have any requests for next week or the weeks after, please message me! Love y'all!


- Amber


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