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Travel on a budget!

As y’all know, I’ve recently been traveling quite a bit! It is something I have always had a passion for so I’ve been lucky enough to incorporate it into my work and blog! But as we all know, traveling can get expensive… so here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned for traveling on a budget:

Travel on the “off season”

If you can refrain from traveling during the “hot” times of year like the holidays or weekend, TAKE ADVANTAGE! Flights, hotels, Ubers, everything is much cheaper in the off season because all companies are expecting less tourism. If you can work your schedule to fit the off season, do it!

Pack Smart

By packing smart I mean knowing exactly what you’re wearing each day instead of packing 10 possible outfits for a 5 day trip. You will not wear all of them and it’s a waste of space. Next, you don’t need 5 pairs of jeans for a 5 day trip. Pack a pair or two and reuse! I promise they won’t be that dirty. Limit yourself to a few pairs of shoes. Wear your thickest layers on the plane/drive. By packing smarter, you can fit all of your clothing in a CARRY ON! This means not paying to check in luggage! Trust me I know how hard it can be, but if I can go to Canada on a blogging trip where content was our main priority and still manage to fit everything in a carry on, you can too! Save money on the luggage fees and lower the risk of the airport losing your luggage.

Track flights

Look up your flights day and times and hit the “track flight” button and type in your email. This way, you will be emailed when the prices go up and down so you can be sure you are getting the best deals. There is also an app called “Hopper” that does the exact same thing! They are both beneficial! Also be sure to search for flights on a “new incognito window” because search engines have a creepy way of tracking the flight days/times you’ve been searching and will magically become more expensive. Creepy, but true! Tuesdays, also known as “travel Tuesdays” are the cheapest day to fly!

Also, check out E-Rewards! It’s a survey engine that allows you to earn miles/money towards your flights just by completing surveys!

Public Transportation

Public transportation is the way to go when traveling. Ubering can get expensive REAL quick! Side note, taxi drivers know If you’re a tourist and some will try to take advantage of that by taking a longer route to your destination, which in return costs more money. Utilize that $5 train/subway ticket, rent a bike, or even better.. WALK (if the weather conditions permits)! They all get you to the same place for over half the price or for no cost at all!

Hostels over hotels!

If you’re traveling with a group overseas, look into staying at a hostel instead of a hotel! They are SO much cheaper and you will meet other people who are traveling the area as well. Hostels will usually have food/continental breakfast, live music, and drinks for you too as well as the BEST recommendations and advice for the location you chose to travel! When I went to Europe in college with a few of my girlfriends, we stayed in hostels every night and had a blast! If hostels are not an option, Air BnB is always a cheaper way to go too! If a hotel is your only option, utilize or as they have wallet friendly rates versus going through the hotel website.

Get to know the locals

If you are traveling to explore, make some local friends! They will have the best insight on where to go, what to see, and the cheapest way of doing so! You may even gain a future travel partner to go on an adventure sometime in the future!

Food smart

When traveling to a new location, the food can sometimes be a main attraction. However, food money definitely adds up! My best advice is to pick 3 places that you want to try that are most signified in that area, then eat smart the rest of the meals/snacks. So here are my recommendations:

- Bring your own food for snacks/breakfast

- Shop at the local markets and cook in the hostels/AirBnB

- If there is a particular place you want to try, go there for lunch! Dinner prices are WAY more hefty than lunch.

- BUY LOCAL! Local brands are much cheaper than the more well known international brands you are used to seeing.

- Street food = cheap food (just make sure its safe!)

Experience over material

It is SO easy to get carried away with souvenirs (trust me, I struggle with this). But there is no better souvenir than your experience and the memories you made. Start focusing on living in the moment and documenting your trip to remember instead of worrying about what pair of socks you’re going to buy that say “Paris” (or wherever you’re visiting) on the bottom!

Work while you travel

If you are looking to travel for an extensive period of time.. look into working while you travel! Some hostels allow you to stay free of charge by working only a few hours a day. Some other jobs you can look for are bartenders, waiter/waitress, tour guides, or casino worker! Other websites such as have jobs offered where you travel and live rent free while working with a family either on their farm, babysitting, cleaning the house, etc! I personally have never done this before but it’s on the bucket list!

Travel to an affordable company

If you are not picky on the destination and are simply out to see something new, research for a cheaper destination, such as Cambodia, Albania, Bolivia and Colombia!

Discount rates

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ask for discount rates! Whether you’re in the military, student, teacher, etc. you are bound to find a discount somewhere during travel.

Last tip


I hope these tips help you on your next adventure! Although traveling can be expensive, it is ALWAYS worth the experience! My best advice to recent grads is to travel, because this world has so much to offer and holds an unbearable amount of beauty. Happy bachelor Monday y’all!

XOXO - Amber


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