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sights & bites of DC

Happy Sunday y’all! Sundays are my favorite day of the week because it is a time for me to just completely revamp for the new week ahead. Drew and I decided we are going to start back on our healthy eating/tough workout grind tomorrow! DC pampered Maria, Parker, Drew, and myself with lots of food, coffee, and sweets so it’s time for a cleanse! For those of you who saw our plates of goodness from our trip, YES it was THAT GOOD! Honestly, some of the best food I has ever had. I made a little sights and bites guide for y’all if you’re planning a trip to the city… :)

Roti Mediterranean:

On our way into Leesburg, we wanted to make a pit stop by Tysons Corner to grab a late lunch, walk around the mall, and skip the traffic. We went to Roti, modern Mediterranean café and fell in love. They had the best hummus, rice bowls, salads & falafel! I had never tried Falafel (fried chickpeas), but Maria told me I absolutely had to, and it resulted in me eating WAY too many! This modern Mediterranean café was so welcoming to us after a long drive and comforting to relax for a bit while the traffic toned down. They have several locations so next blogging trip, I will see to it that a Roti is in route!

Lansdowne Resort & Spa:

My first time in Leesburg was here at the Lansdowne where they treated all of us like royalty. The hotel is more of an upscale vibe, beautiful décor throughout the common areas, and surreal service. We were able to meet up with two friends of ours, Kelsey and Trevor, for dinner at the Piedmont. The Piedmont was part of the golf club area by the hotel so just a quick walk out back that overlooked the mountains of Leesburg. Of course I got my favorite, CRAB CAKES… followed by a cookie dough chocolate cake…. I slept like a baby after that. Next time, we want to plan more time to stay at the Lansdowne to experience the Spa part of their stay!

Old Ebbitt Grill:

Maria and I woke up SUPER early the next day because we wanted to get our perfect shot in our new ChicWish outfits at the Jefferson Memorial before the rush came! I can’t even begin to explain the amount of pain we went through to get this picture y’all…. It was FREEZING cold and the wind was unbearable. Shout out to our boys for 1. Keeping us warm and 2. To Parker for being the wizard behind the camera (@parkerpixphotography)! There was no better feeling than after being numb to the bone to sit down across the street from the White House, latte in hand, and walnut banana bread with good company. Old Ebbitt Grill was impeccable. I was so amazed with the environment of this brunch location and how kind the staff was to all of their guests. They knew their menu so well and knew exactly what to suggest for us to try! Old Ebbitt Grill is going to be a regular stop when I return, DC! Plus, it was really exciting to walk out of brunch and see the White House right there!


A few hours later after aweing over the cherry blossoms, we popped into the cutest little shop in Foggy Bottom. Our man, Rich, told us all we needed to know about JRINK and helped us chose which option was best for us depending on what we liked, disliked, and wanted to branch out and try. The shop was so refreshing to be around and such a chill atmosphere to come and fuel up with the best nutrient’s in the DC area. Another part of JRINK I love, is that their solutions have more than 200% more veggies, 40% more nutrients, and no added sugars or preservatives! This stop was so unique from the other places we experienced, and our man Richard made us feel at home from the second we walked in the door!

The Graham Hotel:

After a long afternoon visiting the city, we took a break to go check in at our hotel for the night in Georgetown. Y’all…. WOW! If you are ever going to Georgetown, you have to stay at the Graham. It is right in the heart of Georgetown (easy access for shopping my girls!) and they have just about any store you can think of! Maria and I were like “we could spend about 5 days here just to shop this entire strip!” The Graham had the cutest set up of cupcakes and prosecco waiting for us in the room to celebrate coming to DC! We took the champagne up to the rooftop and had a night (don’t worry, pictures to come of that photoshoot!). They even hosted us for breakfast the following morning and it was the best avocado & egg toast I have ever had!

1789 Restaurant:

That evening we made a pitstop by the 1789 Restaurant for some drinks and apps! This location is so well known amongst politicians and a “hang out” location for townies. Our bartender even said they had the Vice President in there a week ago… pretty cool I thought! We each got a few different drinks to experience the opening of their club room! They even hold a numerous number of private events in the area and have a story that is so historically memorable. We munched on some apps and sipped our drinks while hearing the history of 1789 restaurant! We were hooked here!

Roy Boys:

We switched gears from 1789 to Roy Boys as we kept the energy going that night! It was our last night, we had to go all out! Roy Boys was very laid back and happy to have us! We started off with some hush puppies and their signature appetizer, the “CCB”. It is a fried chicken biscuit with jelly and gravy… YUM! Then we decided to all share what is known as the “BIG BIRD.” && oh boy, was it big… A plate of fried chicken, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, and loaded mashed potatoes. We were stuffed, we were tired, it was time to call it a night! If you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere to grab the best fried chicken and oysters in town, Roy Boys is your spot! They’ve only been open for about a month and a half and already made a name for themselves!

The next morning, Maria and Parker were off to Las Vegas to continue their travel adventures and visit family & friends! Drew and I decided to grab some coffee at Café Georgetown right around the corner from our hotel, stop at a few stores and then head back on home! It was a quick trip but we sure made the most of it! If you haven’t been to Washington D.C./Georgetown area before, I highly recommend it! This is my 5th or 6th time going and it never ceases to amaze me. If you missed my Instagram stories from the trip, head over to my DC trip highlight and check them out!

I want to thank all of our hosts for welcoming us to DC! We had the time of our lives and loved every stop we made. Also, thank you to The Pink Lily Boutique, ChicWish, The Beach Boutique VB, Express, and the Darling Boutique for sponsoring my wardrobe throughout this trip! I can’t wait to plan our next adventure! Any suggestions?!

XOXO -Amber


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