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San Diego Travel Guide!

To put it in the most simple terms, I fell in love with San Diego! It was so good to see Michelle and her beautiful family while exploring the west coast. We were going non-stop trying to see it all (yes, with 4 boys lol) and wanted to recap some of the hotspots that we went to.

Day 1: Coronado!

After spending time with the family and adjusting quickly to the time difference, we were off to Coronado! For those that don't know, Coronado is a resort city on a peninsula in San Diego Bay. We took a pit stop at Parakeet Cafe for a pick me up -- YUM, took a walk down to the famous Hotel Del Coronado! It is located on 28 beachfront acres mixed with classic Victorian architecture and modern SoCal vibes. It's truly as beautiful and legendary as everyone says it is.

After exploring the Del, we went to Miguels restaurant for dinner and happy hour! Some of the best mexican food and house margs I have ever had! There is so much to see and do on Coronado Island. It is such a "high end" location that locals rant and rave about. If you have an extra day on vacation, definitely spend it here exploring the island. Some other things to do are: boat tours, sailing excursions, shopping, bar hop using the trolley, Balboa park, Centennial park, the dog beach, and so much more!

Last stop of the night, we went on base to see and walk down the beach! It was the most gorgeous skyline view, the sand was so soft, and the water was way clearer than I ever imagined. This was the best way to end the night in Coronado!

Our next destination is La Jolla! We stopped by True Food Kitchen for a fun influencer lunch outing where we were showcasing their summer menu! This was my first time at a True Food Kitchen and I was so impressed! Some of my favorite menu items were: Edamame dumplings, Dragon Fruit Margarita, Teriyaki Quinoa Bowl, and the Grilled Chicken Avocado Wrap! It's an overall very relaxed and eco-chic environment that puts focus on health conscious food! If you ever have the opportunity to visit a True Food Kitchen, I highly recommend it.

After lunch, we took a tour around the outdoor mall, Westfield UTC! Y'all... this mall was something I had never seen before. This Virginian was starstruck at the high-end retail, multiple levels, and thorough branding. It is an iconic San Diego, open-air shopping, dining, and entertainment destination. The Westfield UTC has anchor stores such as Nordstrom, Lululemon, Zara, luxury brands, theaters, and more! We made some returns that Michelle needed to do, took a stroll around to window shop, and headed for our next stop of the day!

We made a trip down to further into La Jolla beach to see the Seals and grab a coffee! We went to "Better Buzz" and it was the most adorable outdoor split cafe with vibrant colors and yummy coffee! They actually have 12 locations throughout San Diego! We grab our lattes (and a few photos of course) and strolled down to the beach to see the Seals! We got lost a time or two lol, but we eventually found it! I completely forgot to grab a photo so I attempted to screenshot a video I had to show y'all!

On our way out of La Jolla, we were determined to find this "hidden swing" that Michelle had seen on a blog post! We drove around and around, and even ran into a gate that said "no swing access" lol.... it was not an easy find (hence the name "hidden swing"). But after some digging and aimless driving, WE FOUND IT! It was the most gorgeous hidden hotspot to see along the coast of La Jolla. Click THIS POST of mine to find out how to access it more easily!

After a long day adventuring around La Jolla, we ran back home to change and grab the boys to head out to Downtown San Diego for a PADRES GAME!!!! WOOP WOOP! I was so in my element and realized how much I miss watching baseball. It was so much fun to explain the game to the boys and enjoy yummy ballpark food. I can't wait to come back and catch another one! If you're ever in San Diego during baseball season, highly recommend grabbing some last minute tickets and checking it out!

After a hectic second day, we needed to refuel at Flap Your Jacks, a signature San Diego family-friendly restaurant! At Flap Your Jacks, you create your own pancakes with whichever batter and toppings you prefer. We also grabbed some coffee, mimosas, Acai Bowls, and Eggs Benny! It was all so yummy and the kids had a BLAST!

Our next stop was at the pool! We met up with a few of Michelle's friends and had a relaxing pool day. I even was able to see one of our mutual friends, Melissa, who also used to live in the 757! It was so great catching up with her, meeting new friends, and watching the boys get all of their energy out lol! After the pool day, we went to Liberty Station Market! This market was unique because it was created from old barracks and base grounds. We grabbed dinner, listened to music, and enjoyed my last night in San Diego.

Day 4: HIKING!

On my last day, Michelle and I decided to do a 7-mile hike! We both love hiking and this was a perfect path for us to pace ourselves while still getting to talk and catch up before I have to head back to VA! After we hit the top, we stumbled across a Coyote (and about lost out sh*t)... no joke. He came out of NOWHERE. Needless to say, we waisted no time headed back the other direction lol. There are SO many hikes in San Diego. I am adding more on my to-do list for my next trip out there. After showering and packing, we stopped at everbowl -- the BEST acai bowls to ever far! Then, it was off to the airport for the journey back to Virginia!

San Diego was magical! It's a mesmerizing destination filled with perfect weather, yummy food, and beautiful sights. It is a MUST see location! A huge thank you to Michelle and her fam for showing me around and letting me crash their home :) I can't wait to come visit again soon!


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