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Quarantined but chilling with my at-home teeth whitening kit!

Happy Monday y’all! We’ve all been at home for a while and I hope just like me,

you’re enjoying some new habits and routines. I have found a particular routine I cannot

get enough of. I have been raving about Cleaner Smile for a while now and I want to

actually sit down and explain why I love their whitening treatments SO MUCH and how

convenient it is for my lifestyle (aka busy lifestyle).

Before I even start discussing their products, I want to talk about their customer service.

They are all about making the customer happy no matter what it takes. They are very

passionate about providing the best professional whitening solutions for you at home. If

you don’t see the difference you were hoping for within 60 days of trying their products,

you will get a money back guarantee and they will give you a full refund no questions


Now for a little breakdown on the step by step process with the Cleaner Smile Regular

Teeth Whitening Kit. One of my favorite parts of using Cleaner Smile products, it is SO

quick. All you need is 15 minutes of your day set aside and you will see amazing

results. I always start with brushing my teeth thoroughly before starting the whitening

process. I am an avid coffee drinker, so I worry about surface stains settling on my

enamel. I usually make sure I am done with my coffee for the day before I start my

whitening treatment. I take the teeth whitening gel pen (2 ml with a 35% carbamide

peroxide concentration) and apply it to both my bottom and top teeth. For better results, I use this with the LED mouthpiece. The blue light technology enhances and activates the whitening gel properties. You simply plug the cord into your phone, turn it on, and set a timer for 15 minutes. This is available for both Android and iOS users, so no worries there! After 15 minutes, you wash and rinse again with warm water and you are done! Although I did see noticeable results after just one use, I continued to use the kit for 21 days straight and 1 to 2 times a week after that to maintain the color.

This portable and affordable teeth whitening solution brightens yellow teeth while

removing both chewing surface and set-in stains (usually caused due to coffee, tea, red

wine, smoking or soda) and leaves me with those pearly white teeth I like. It is also very

safe for your gums, veneers, caps, crowns and bridges.

If you are someone like me that struggles with teeth sensitivity; I suggest you

complement the regular LED kit with the Charcoal Dental Bundle consisting of a charcoal toothpaste, toothbrush and powder. Not only is this extremely for your sensitive teeth and gums; but is also super convenient. It all fits in a black pouch that comes with it; easy to throw the dental bundle and kit in and I am good to go for the weekend!

If you don’t have access to plug in your LED light, utilize the teeth whitening strips!

These are available in their regular, maximum strength and charcoal variants. All you

need is 15-30 minutes a day to be on your way to a whiter and brighter smile. My

personal favorite, the Cleaner Smile Charcoal Teeth Whitening strips were developed

with high-quality activated charcoal to whiten your teeth while simultaneously freshening your breath and detoxifying your mouth. These enamel-safe, hassle-free Charcoal Teeth Whitening Strips are a convenient way to get whiter teeth; you can whiten while you do your chores or are scrolling through your phone.

Each sealed foil packet contains two charcoal teeth whitening strips – one for upper

teeth and one for lower teeth. If you feel like 1 pack (5 strips) is not enough for your

whitening needs, you could always opt for the 2 pack(10 strips) or 3 pack (15 strips).

I resonate with their slogan “Whiter teeth, brighter YOU!” so much. I love this because it

is so true; when I have a whiter smile, I am so much more confident in myself and

glowing all throughout. My days are better, I am happier with my photos, and confident

enough to smile when I meet someone for the very first time. I am proud to smile

knowing my teeth are shining bright as ever. You get the smile you’ve been dreaming

of, without breaking your budget.

The LED Teeth Whitening Kits will typically last you for a minimum of 6 months for a

fraction of the price compared with other teeth whitening brands in the market. Of

course the duration varies on your usage and maintenance. Their mission is to deliver

high-quality, specifically formulated teeth whitening products to eliminate the effort of

going to the dentist!

Their complete set of professional whitening solutions are designed to easily fit into our

home whitening needs. The products work to effectively remove years of dental neglect

and discoloration, resulting in dramatically whiter teeth and improved confidence.

I am hooked onto it and I can see my 21 Day Makeover! I couldn’t believe that’s all it

took for me to have that bright, beautiful, celebrity smile that I always wanted. We’re in

tough times but it is important to look at every situation positively and constantly work

on being a better you. I’m thrilled that I chose Cleaner Smile to be by my side while I do


Follow them on Instagram @cleanersmile_ and on Facebook @cleanersmileteeth to

enter their contest and win a free LED Teeth Whitening Kit!

If you can’t wait and want to get your own at-home teeth whitening solutions, visit their

website or buy on Amazon!

XOXO - Amber

*This post is sponsored by Cleaner Smile*


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