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PUPFORD REVIEW -- A one stop shop for your dogs needs to behave well and love life!

My little man just officially became certified as a ..... wait for it, drumroll please.... A CERTIFIED SERVICE DOG! I am so beyond proud of Roscoe and his training improvements. Miss Dixie has also been visiting her trainer once a week and improving on her commands. She just had her very first birthday last weekend, so wish this sweet girl a Happy 1st Birthday! We've had the key to keeping them both attentive during training.... PUPFORD!!!! Keep reading till the end for an exclusive SURPRISE!!!

Lately, my family and I have really been interested in the health of our pups! Doing our best to make sure they are getting the correct daily nutrition to support their physical and mental health. But, changing their diet and trying out new foods can be tough on them. Plus, Roscoe can be quite the picky eater (Dixie, not so much lol!). Finding Pupford has been a GAME CHANGER!

Some of the products we've been loving lately are the "Engage" beef tenderloins chewys (Dixie's favorite), the "Reward" Chicken jerky, and the "Train" freeze dried beef liver! The products are all vet approved, all natural, and can help with training your furry friends. Pupford also has some amazing products to shop such as leashes, meal enhancers, interactive toys, supplements, dental chews, potty pads, grooming products, and online training courses! If you work from home, the chewys are perfect to keep your pet entertained while you get some work done. Here's a full review of the products that Roscoe and Dixie are loving from Pupford:

First product I want to highlight is the "Reward" jerky! My pups have been loving the Salmon Jerky. This product has no fillers, sugar, hormones, or preservatives. They also have a few flavor varieties to pick from.

Next product that the pups have been loving, are the freeze dried beef liver training treats! We can easily bring these to Roscoe's training classes, and they are the perfect sizing for his lil self. There are over 475 treats in just one bag and have only 3 healthy ingredients in them.

The favorite of all, the "Engage" beef tenderloin chews! These keep the pups busy and are long lasting. They are created for medium sized dogs -- about 25-30lbs, so exactly Dixie's size. But, we also give the smaller ones to Roscoe cause we have to be fair :) They have a variety of styled chews for your pup including bully sticks, elk antlers, and tendon chews!

Last but not least, the "Over the Topper" product is a freeze dried beef liver meal enhancer is for the dogs who need a bit more extra calories! It is freeze dried to maintain peak nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Just add 1/2 - 1 teaspoon to the top of your dogs meal!

You can download the Pupford application on your phone that provides training videos and resources to overcome your dogs behaviors, such as: Reactivity, Potty training, Basic commands, Leash Behavior, and so much more. There is also a "Puppy Academy" with courses such as: Puppy Nutrition, Crate Training, Separation Anxiety, At-Home Grooming, Dog Body Language, Dog First Aid, and Intro to Dog Sports Course! Being a part of the academy, you will have access to PDF's to download and print with lessons and trainings, access to future courses, and more. Not to mention, you get the opportunity to be a part of a community with over ONE MILLION pet owners who share the same interests you do... the love for your furry friend!

Regain peace in your home and train your fur baby with the best resources on the market! Check out Pupford, today!

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XOXO - Amber


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