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Labor day livin'

Happy Labor Day weekend friends! For me, this holiday weekend means celebrating at our annual family vacation! Every family has that one vacation spot they love, and for my family that spot is Lake Gaston in North Carolina. My dad bought a boat when I was younger so it’s the perfect place to go for water sports, relaxing and good company.

The hardest part about planning a vacation is figuring out housing, at least for my family it has been. Staying in a hotel just never seems to feel like vacation and lacks that “homey” sensation of being comfortable. So, I decided to share a few benefits (other than lower price) of staying at an Airbnb versus a hotel:

MORE SPACE! Airbnb’s generally offer more space than the average hotel. When having more people on vacation than just your direct family (like mine) more space is always nice to have. Can’t beat more space at a lower price.

If you’re like me and love your food, you need a full kitchen where you’re vacationing! Airbnb’s typically have a full kitchen if not more than one. Having a full kitchen allows you to make home cooked meals on vacation and UNLIMITED SNACKING Y’ALL ;)

When staying at an Airbnb, the owner will typically leave a guide that explains what to do around the area (restaurants, entertainment, transportation, etc.) that I feel is more of a down-to-earth and genuine opinion as opposed to asking the hotel staff. Also, shops and restaurants near hotels will be WAY more expensive than in a local neighborhood.

The best part about my job is getting to work wherever I want whenever I want, so FREE WIFI is always a plus. A small tip that running my own business has taught me, is that having access to WIFI wherever you go is a must…. and Airbnb’s offer WIFI for free while on vacation!

So next trip you and your family plan for vacation, look into Airbnb’s first! You will definitely get more bang for your buck!

I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday weekend! Thank you for following me along my journey as a newbie blogger.


Amber ♡


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