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Individually Unique Boutique

2019 IS HERE Y’ALL! I hope everyone had an amazing new year and is gearing up to tackle their resolutions! The past few days I have been working non-stop and am ready for big things to come in the 2019 blogging world! So before I get too distracted by the computer screen today, I wanted to share with you what I am currently living in right now…. THIS FLANNEL from Individually Unique Boutique! I love how it doesn’t button down like a typical flannel. It is very unique and gives you that sense of personality with it by adding the V-neck. It is a perfect top to wear with leggings or jeans for the winter.

Individually Unique Boutique’s motto of “we strive to bring out the beautiful within you” is more than accurate for this company. They have everything from t-shirts to rompers, flannels and jumpsuits, sweaters and tank tops, dresses and cardigans, and lots and lots of denim options!! I’m basically obsessed with their entire website to say the least. But, my favorite part about working with #IndividuallyUnique was their compassion for their customers. They made a true connection with me from the start.

They have a few deals going on right now:

· Use code Fallsale for 60% off at checkout (very limited time only)

· Free shipping over $25

· Free returns

· Sign up for their mailing list and receive 20% off your first purchase

CALLING ALL HARRY POTTER LOVERS! One of my favorite items on their sale list right now is the “Harry Potter inspired” black cardigan! You can check it out here.

I have listed some more of my favorite items below! Click them to shop:

· Lets get lost flannel (What I am wearing above!)

Now for the real talk. Individually Unique boutique was created out of taking a risk by a woman who had a passion for fashion. Her name is Cassidy Coakley and she is the cutest thing ever (@cassoakley). She is originally from Florida and graduated from the University of Central Florida. Her motive behind the boutique, was so girls could find fashion forward pieces at an affordable price. Her goal is to have options that express your style and personality without killing your wallet.

To Cassidy, I have absolutely loved working with your boutique! I can’t wait to see how much you and your business grows over the years. So happy for all of your success and I can’t wait to work together again!

Go check out Individually Unique Boutique and find which items best express YOU!




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