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go hokies.

This weekend, my mom and I took a little getaway trip to the cutest town, Charlottesville Virginia! The only time I have been to Charlottesville was to cheer the Commonwealth Cup game (GO HOKIES BABY!) and we didn’t actually have the opportunity to venture out and see the city. So, I want to take y’all on a little tour with me to see some of my favorite spots!

Petite Marie Bette Café:

Our first stop in Charlottesville was the cutest coffee shop called Petite Marie Bette. It was right in the heart of downtown and Will, the owner, treated us like part of the family. We had a box of yummy pastries waiting on us & a perfect Mocha to satisfy my caffeine needs… y’all know how I am about coffee! Every sweet bite offered something new and Will made sure to explain each pastry to us and how they were made! We also tried their famous grilled cheese and kale salad. Let me just tell you…. The BEST I have EVER had! & I’ve had plenty of grilled cheeses in my life, let’s be honest! When we left, we walked out into a magical wonderland of unexpected snow. Needless to say, I was on cloud 9!

The Graduate Hotel:

After lunch, we made our way to the Graduate Hotel to check in. We passed some extraordinary art walls along the way, very impressive and perfect for pictures! I absolutely fell in love with their vibe of the Graduate hotel and how welcoming the entire staff was. There was valet parking, so we did not have to worry about finding a place to park. My room was filled with some special goodies and gorgeous decorations. I love how the entire building is college theme and the café downstairs was just adorable. They were so kind throughout my stay and went above and beyond to make sure my stay was comfortable and enjoyable!

Glo Out Glamour Bar:

Later on that night, I had an appointment at Glo Out Glamour bar to get an airbrush tan! The girls there made me feel so at home and immediately explained the process of how their tanning solution comes from sugar cane, so it is 100% natural. Angela was my spray technician and from start to finish, it only took about 10 minutes! They prepped me perfectly and gave me advice on how to best nurture the tan so it will last as long as possible. The salon was so trendy and full of services to choose from such as lashes, brows, hair, etc! Highly recommend checking them out if you are in the area!

Downtown Mall:

On Saturday we started the day bright and early at the downtown mall! The first boutique we popped into was the Jean Theory boutique. Their denim selection is out of this world with an unlimited variety of styles, colors, designs, etc. I also tried on several other pieces from their new arrivals and will be doing a try-on for y’all this week! You can use my code “Amber20” on their website for 20% off your purchase. They’re also in the process of creating an “Amber” collection on their website if you want to see some of my favs from the day!

As we kept walking down the strip, we saw this shop that was hands down the most colorful, empowering, and artsy store I have EVER stepped foot in. This boutique was called the Darling boutique and is known for their women’s consignment and handmade local artisan goods! Linnea, the owner, holds her shop to a very high standard and she truly values women and their worth. I instantly fell in love with her vibe!

Next, I had a meeting with the Kendra Scott team. They had all of their new spring arrivals displayed as well as their beautiful fine jewelry. I was able to hear all about the background of how the Kendra Scott business was started and how much she grew her brand from something so small. It is an incredible story and very empowering for young entrepreneurs. I spent most of my time at the color bar, and this is where you basically create your own piece. I created a peach color necklace ~OBVIOUSLY ;)~ with my first initial and a heart charm. Needless to say, I haven’t taken this necklace off since lol! I also was able to snag a few pairs of earrings from their spring collection. If you are ever at the Charlottesville Kendra Scott location, mention my name and you will receive 15% off!!

Roots Natural Kitchen:

After the downtown mall, we were STARVING! We stopped by one of the most recommended places in town, Roots Natural Kitchen. We met the owner, Alberto, and he showed us around the restaurant and explained the story of how he created it. His meaning behind Roots was to establish a restaurant where students and locals have healthy options while still having fairly quick service. The best way to describe it, is like a healthier version of chipotle. He has opened a few other locations and his restaurant has gained quite the reputation over the past few years…. And oh yeah, did I mention he is only 28 years old?! Alberto is the man (to say the least)! I got the pesto Caesar kale bowl, and my mom got the southern with chicken! We also tried some of their BBQ tofu because Alberto insisted we branch out lol. Absolutely loved their food and I think I may have convinced Alberto to open up a restaurant in Virginia Beach! So fingers crossed!

I want to specially thank the Graduate Hotel of Charlottesville for hosting me this weekend and giving me the opportunity to experience this cute little town! The weekend was so much fun, and I met so many people that welcomed me with open arms. Until next time, Charlottesville!



XOXO -Amber


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