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COWGIRL BOOT ROUND UP - at affordable pricing!

Hey y'all! You can ALWAYS catch me in cowgirl boots (especially during the summer!). Sometimes boots can be a pretty penny... So, I am rounding up my favorite cowgirl boots that are at an affordable price for y'all! If you're interested in a pair, simply click on the photo and it will take you to the website :)

Set 1:

I have to admit, these are ALWAYS my go to -- especially the "American Flag" print. These are all ankle high, with minimal heel, and unique detailing. The soles are very flexible and padded and the material is made of faux leather. These shorty boots are a classic choice for everyday style!

Set 2:

These picks have a 12" shaft, so a bigger higher on the leg! Fully decorated, chunky heel, true to size, and a "more fancy" boot option! These selections are perfect for summery dresses!

Set 3:

These western everyday style boots add a bit of height for my short gals (aka me). Very comfortable, color variety, and highlights a more "western" style with your look! Plus, I am always down to replace heels with cowgirl boots ;)

Short, sweet & to the point! ILY all lots :) Have a great rest of your week!

XOXO - Amber


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