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Casual Date Night Looks

Hiii beautiful people! This weeks blog post is going to be some casual pieces you can wear on a date. I am going to put as much of a variety that I can so you all have some options. If you need an extra opinion or any type of guidance on what to wear, send me your ideas on instagram and I would love to help!

Casual Look #1:

This look is from the Pink Lily Boutique and one of my favorites for the spring time. I added in a few extra accessories to complete the look. They do offer 20% off when you sign up for their newsletter and free shipping with orders over $75.

Casual look #2:

This is one of my favorite casual looks! I have shown you all this top of my feed before and it comes in about 45 different colors/patterns (I am not even kidding you). Pair it with some dark wash ankle jeans!

Casual look #3:

DENIM DENIM DENIM! This look is for the country girls with a hint of chic in them! All denim is making it's way back us.

Casual look #4:

This look is Red Dress boutique from head to toe. I love this bright dress with some neutral accessories. This would be perfect and comfy for a first date!

Casual look #5:

This look was inspired by Michelle (@thecoastalblonde), I love her "cool mom" style lol! Throwing a moto jacket onto your outfit is the perfect definition of a "casual date night."

If you want more ideas, I'd be happy to give them to you! Send me a message on instagram and let's talk about a look that will be best for you and the occasion! Thank you all for reading today, I hope this was beneficial to you. Have a great rest of the week!

XOXO Amber


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