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be confident, be fearless

If there’s one thing to be in this life, it’s to be confident & be fearless. Why live life in fear or hold back from who you are? This tee could not have been more perfect for me. It describes the way I feel about life and how I live each and everyday.

The designer of the brand, Nic D’Andrea, was inspired at a very young age. She watched her grandfather entertain the art of shoe making and repair, crazy huh? Watching it first hand, she received cultural heritage, work ethic & sensibility. Her education of design was endless and she studied in Milan after attending the International Academy of Design in Chicago also! Nicole has the brains behind the enlightenment of shopping high quality leathers, hardware, and understand the pattern making process to create her most signature designs. It was only a matter of time until Nicole developed her own line!

Nic D’Andrea has several types of products available such as tees, hand bags, bracelets, etc! They are ALL at affordable prices and there is FREE shipping on all orders. My favorite part about her brand, is the message. She is all about being fearless and confidently you, empowering women, and all about being a #GIRLBOSS duh.. ;)

The Nic D’Andrea brand also supports a non-profit organization called “Girls Inc.” which inspires all women to be strong, smart, and bold! This brand is perfect for you girls looking to find that #girlgang to push you to the next level in your career. Wake up, Make up, put on that dress & high heels -- cause you have an empire to build, gorgeous!

Thank you, Nic D’Andrea for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this fearless squad. Much love for every single one of you!

XOXO -Amber

*Sponsored by Nic D’Andrea


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