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Always be kind

We hear all the time how our society is controlled by technology and social media. It has the capability of developing so many feelings about others and yourself. How many times have you heard someone say, “I’ve never personally met her, but I follow her on Instagram and she looks *insert negative assumption here*.” I have heard this specific comment so many times and it makes me cringe. It’s allowing social media to monopolize your brain into creating an opinion about someone without even speaking to them in person. Hi, my name is Amber Miller and I have personally struggled with negative social media impact more than anyone may know. I let the negative opinions of others get in the way of what I thought of myself.

Women in our society will sit back and believe everything they see or hear when it comes to social media. Negativity crowds their mind and consistently puts a toll on their self-esteem. Judgement, hate, immaturity, wasted time, and just the pure feeling of not being enough. Well let me tell you, you are more than enough… and you do NOT need anyone else’s approval of who you are, except yourself.

It was until I finally decided that the negativity was not for me. I couldn’t sit there and blame myself for someone else’s thoughts of me. Or constantly feel like I had to live up to an “Instagram model” potential. Or meet a standard that was acceptable in my social group. I was made as an Amber Miller for a reason. I was me and only me. Who could let something so meaningless like a phone app, take over your confidence and ability to be you? Now it makes sense, huh? Rise above it ladies. Accept only positivity in your life, because that is the only growth you need.

While building my platform for Miss Virginia USA, I knew this was one of the many subjects I wanted to tackle. I want to express how important it is to be your best self and to never fear failure. Hold your standards two levels higher, go the extra mile, and dream far beyond your goals. You do not need to fear the opinions, fear the outcomes, or fear the falls. It is possible, and you are capable of ALL THINGS. It starts within you.

Feel free to reach out to me to share your story and how you hope to overcome/how you did overcome it. Never allow the negative opinions of others to control who you are…. and remember my friends, ALWAYS be kind.

- Amber ♡



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