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10 money saving tips!

Hey y’all! So, before I even start this I want to say that I am not a money wizard. I am not the queen of saving or know everything there is to know about money. BUT, I do have a few tips that I think may be helpful if you frequently catch yourself saying “I can’t afford that.”

Tip #1:

DO NOT SPEND MONEY YOU DON’T HAVE! Guys… this is the biggest one I even see with some of my close friends. Using a credit card like it’s an endless account is not going to get you anywhere. Quit having the “I’ll catch up and pay later” attitude. A general rule of thumb is if you do not have it sitting in your account right now, do not swipe that card. Debt will continue to accrue and you will be so mad at yourself down the road. Pay off your bills in full EVERY SINGLE MONTH! Because you should only be spending it if (and only if) you have it already in your account. If you’re not behind, you’ll be more inclined to get ahead faster and start saving! Plus, if you’re in credit card debt then most likely you are also paying interest. In the most simply put way, Interest is actually giving your money away. You are paying more (sometimes way more) than you originally would have if you followed the rule above. If you’re already in debt, make small achievable goals for yourself each month to get out of that hole! You can do it!

Tip #2:

For every paycheck you receive, take out $10-$20 and put it inside of an empty wine bottle. This money should be used for emergencies only. Hence why you can’t get inside unless you actually break the bottle. You’ll think again before spending that money knowing you have to put that much effort into it. Now I am not talking about that concert ticket kind of emergency, I am talking about LEGIT emergencies! If you don’t need it for an emergency, then great, you have extra money sitting right there that can go into your savings!

Tip #3:

Tax returns are not extra spending money!!!!!!! Y’all this is the EASIEST way to save…. It’s money that you can treat like it’s an actual ghost. RIGHT INTO THE SAVINGS!! It’s money you didn’t even know you’d have, so treat it just like that.

Tip #4:

Every time you want to make a purchase, ask yourself “How many hours/days/weeks do I have to work in order to buy this?” It’ll truly make you think of how important that purchase actually is! Maybe it’s worth it (and that’s okay!) but it will make you realize what is not so important.

Tip #5:

This low key pains me to say because my inner marketing gal is saying don’t, but its’ good advice for some of you. Unsubscribe from marketing emails!!!! (sorry to all of my brands) BUT if you’re someone who gives into that temptation of seeing cute clothes from an email, it’s easy. UNSUBSCRIBE and you’ll never be tempted again.

Tip #6:

Pack your lunch! Packing your lunch from home may not be as yummy as going to a restaurant across the street with your co-workers, but I promise you will see a difference. If you are going out to lunch everyday and spend an average of $15 for lunch (which is being generous), you spend roughly $75 JUST FOR LUNCH! That’s $300 a month and over $3500 a year. The small things add up quick!

Tip #7:

I posted about this on my story this morning, that gas was under $2 today and I filled up immediately! You are going to have to fill up sooner or later, so why not take advantage of the $1.98 per gallon instead of waiting till the last minute and having to settle for the closest stop which may be $2.40 a gallon.

Tip #8

SET GOALS! Drew and I actually just did this at the beginning of the year. Make a savings goal and then determine what is an average amount you need to be saving each paycheck to reach that goal! Seeing the numbers will help, I promise!

Tip #9:

Cancel all unnecessary subscriptions or memberships that you don’t use! You may have subscribed to an app in high school you no longer need, or have a membership to a gym where you no longer go. Get rid of the money you are giving away on a monthly basis if it is not serving you anymore.

Tip #10:

Be smart in the grocery store! Make a list and go to the grocery store after dinner (do not go hungry). Do not aimlessly walk isle to isle and pick things up that you know you do not need. Also, drink less bottled water! If you are an avid water drinker (which you should be if you’re not) fill up a reusable cup instead of buying a case of water bottles.

These are just 10 tips that I have found work best for me personally. I truly believe the small things add up! Of course you can look into other avenues such as selling things you don’t use anymore, looking into free entertainment, public transportation, buying generic or used, carpool, etc. Do not magically think to save money you need to completely change your life or get another job. Simply fix the little things and you will see a world of difference! If you want to talk more about money, I’d love to help any way I can! Like I mentioned before, I am NOT a money wizard but can be supportive and help find avenues that work for you!

XOXO Amber

P.S. NOTHING related to money.... lol but Madi or Hannah? MAKE A VOTE! I am actually itching at work and need to know what happens. COME ON CHRIS HARRISON!!!!!


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